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State Needs Money; Owns Buildings It Doesn't Use, Is Not Trying to Sell Them

The medias are jam-packed with stories about cash-strapped states these days, and Georgia is certainly among them, with a projected budget shortfall of $1.3 billion for 2012. So of course the state's leaders are looking to scrape cash together any way they can. Or not. Seems there are 13 state-owned buildings- ranging from a closed prison appraised at $20 million (pictured) to an old Forestry Commission office valued at $300k- sitting vacant, waiting to be sold. But a combination of legal red tape and bureaucracy is keeping those buildings from hitting the market. Though the state's total building sales over the past 8 years have only brought in $45 million (and we say "only" in the context of a billion-plus dollar deficit), it still seems like a missed opportunity, and not just fiscally. Abandoned buildings are notoriously good for no one, save the odd squatter. Remind us again- what bills didn't die in committee under the Gold Dome this past session?

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