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A Dispatch From the Water Wars

The summer heat is just about here and with a few exceptions it's been pretty dry, so good thing new reservoirs are coming on line, right? Like maybe the Hickory Log Creek Reservoir up in Canton, you know, the one it took the City of Canton and the Cobb County - Marietta Water Authority 10 years to get built, and cost like $100 million? Well, here's the thing...the reservoir is full and ready to be released into the Etowah River so it can quench Canton thirsts and then flow into Lake Allatoona, where Cobb County/Marietta takes its share. But water wars litigation and inscrutable bureaucracy within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has precluded any releases from the reservoir as of yet. The biggest loser here? The City of Canton, currently spending $1.7 million a year to operate the thing. [Marietta Daily Journal]