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We've Got A Foreclosed Bridge to Sell You in Lake Claire

The home prices might not reflect it, but the spirit of the 60's lives on in Lake Claire. What with its community land trust, co-housing, the Kashi ashram, and a tendency to go to bat for endangered pecan trees nicknamed “Grandma,” the LC is no stranger to the unorthodox. Somewhere on that mental plane exists this unusual home, built in 1985 and priced near the lower end of Lake Claire’s current market. Although the lush foliage makes the effect less jarring than it could be, this wasn’t a home designed with blending in as the goal; perhaps the architecture is best described as Reagan-era International Style by way of Sigourney Weaver’s brain. Difficult topography required a bridge that makes everyday life that much more ceremonial. The interior of the home is a tad mundane considering what the facade might suggest, other than the fact that many of the walls are curved and there’s some trippy Art Nouveau thing going on with one of the fireplaces. Even though their physical condition looks suspect, the greatest asset of the home might be its three rear porches. They’re the perfect perch for soaking in the beauty of a wooded area that sums up Lake Claire’s overriding philosophy: there’s no better Mother than the one on which we live.

· 581 Harold Avenue NE, Atlanta GA 30307 [Trulia]