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Streets Alive 2012 Redux: A Critic Hashes & Bashes

While we always jump at the opportunity to inject public art into the mix on Curbed Atlanta, we're by no means artists or experts ourselves. So we often look to BURNAWAY, surely one of Atlanta's best (online) destinations for art and art criticism, who also offers excellent coverage of the intersection of public places and the arts. In what serves as an excellent, in-depth companion piece to our more general coverage of Streets Alive, BURNAWAY confronts the performance art spectacle To the Fairest: An Allegorical Adventure Sport, which was staged by the local arts non-profit WonderRoot in partnership with a local punk rockstar / aspiring actor - playwright. The piece is interesting in a multitude of ways, primarily for the herculean effort it makes in trying to sort out what looks (visually) like some dadaist nonsense taking place on the street. But equally notable is the discussion that follows in the Comments section, which is a fascinating look into the larger conversation about the arts in Atlanta.

· To the Fairest Shows the Dangers of Lazy Artist Statements [BURNAWAY]