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An Unusually Cozy Loft in the Heart of Downtown, With History

If the information in this listing is to be believed, this brick-y loft on Marietta Street near all of the downtown attractions has been on the market for nearly 4.5 years. Which is a bit puzzling, because it's a unique space in the heart of the city with qualities that would certainly seem to appeal to someone. We'd never heard of the Pioneer Neon Lofts before, but a little digging revealed a rich history that began with the Seligs, the illustrious Atlanta business/real estate power family. While this isn't a loft with soaring ceilings and giant windows, the abundant brick and cement create the appropriate industrial feel, and the scale of the spaces would seem to appeal to someone desiring a loft but, uh, cozier. Though there's only 1 BR, the space totals some 1600 square feet. The asking price is currently $224,900, but given the amount of time the place has been on the market, there's probably some room there. Why hath the market forsaken this loft?

· 342 Marietta St, Unit 7 [Estately]