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The Increasingly Strange Saga of Cobb County's Would-Be Maglev Rail Line

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With communications campaigns on both sides of the T-SPLOST issue now running at full volume in the press, an intriguing little story on the periphery has taken a bit of an odd turn. You may recall some mentions on these web pages of a Powder Springs-based company called American Maglev Technology, Inc., who has been pushing to build a privately funded Maglev rail line from Cobb County to the Perimeter Center area as an alternative to a federally or T-SPLOST-sponsored rail project going from Cobb to Midtown. The Maglev project hasn't really gone anywhere, for a number of reasons. (Among the more notable- the fact that the "privately funded" project depends on ridership guarantees that would be financially-backstopped by the municipalities through which the Maglev line would pass). Now AMT and its supporters in Cobb County seem to have sufficiently spooked Cobb County into hiring a libel attorney, following the county's publishing of a paper critical of the Maglev project on its website. The county's website has become quite the lightning rod for controversy the transportation issue- also mentioned in the article is the kerfuffle over the posting of a video produced by the Atlanta Regional Commission about the T-SPLOST vote.

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