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Kwanza Hall Is Ready to Ditch PARKatlanta

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Putting a steeper price on parking is one way to begin weaning a traffic-plagued car town off of its driving addiction. But from the beginning, PARKatlanta's aggressive approach to introducing in-town Atlanta to paying for street parking has seemed a little much. As the "collaborative" between a private company and the City of Atlanta's Department of Public Works prepares to introduce 24-hour parking enforcement on neighborhoods still getting accustomed to paying at all, City Councilman Kwanza Hall is calling for the city to consider terminating its contract with PARKatlanta. Though parking revenues are currently helping pay for more cops on the streets, it seems City of Atlanta residents' and business owners' complaints are beginning to gain traction. We'd just like to know more on how the city got itself roped into a contract that will cost $7-8 million to terminate. [CBS Atlanta]