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College Grads: The Lifeblood of Cities

Several years of economic strife and job scarcity have the college education industrial complex playing defense (on student debt, anyway). But few would argue that generally speaking, one's prospects remain universally better with a college degree in hand. Exhibit A: data shows that cities with higher numbers of college graduates are outpacing the competition. The reasons are pretty obvious- as the macro economy in the U.S. continues the transition from being based in manufacturing to other things, education is a requirement. If your city doesn't have educated folks, it's not going to be able to adapt. So how is Atlanta looking? Pretty good, actually. As shown on the useful infographic that accompanies the piece, while we don't quite compete with beacons like San Francisco, Austin, Washington, D.C. (#1), Boston or Minneapolis, Atlanta's percentage of residents with college degrees is comfortably in the 30's, outpacing many of our neighbors in the South. [NYT]