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Come Hither and Sample Some of the Flavors of the T-SPLOST Media Smorgasboard

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If you're a carbon-based organism living in the state of Georgia, it's highly likely you've heard or seen something about this T-SPLOST referendum. Even more likely: you've been bombarded by advertisements, editorials, advertorials, news stories and everything in between, to the point of feeling that your privacy is being violated. (Get used to it, the onslaught of Super PAC ad buys for the Presidential election is coming right on the heels of the July 31 vote). In any case, if you've thus far ignored the many issues, projects and minutiae that constitutes the grist of the T-SPLOST debate, now might be a good time to begin boning up.

To that end, we've compiled a long (but by no means exhaustive) list of resources where you can educate yourself. It's admittedly difficult to ferret out completely objective information...indeed, some of those in possession of the most crucial information (actual factual information) are supporting the bill. So we've also included some opinion stuff from both sides. As for an opinion from us, we'll say this: everyone seems to agree that Atlanta's got some serious transportation challenges. And whatever the source code of one's opposition to the bill, it takes adherence to some pretty rigid ideology to completely dismiss all of the benefits of it passing and these projects being funded. We'll take pragmatism over ideology every time...even if the pragmatic solution isn't a panacea, or perfectly 100% pleasing to everyone involved.

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