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Peoplestown House Has 5 Beds, 3 Baths and a Shockingly Awful Set of Listing Photographs

Venturing down to the southeast side of town, we happened upon a rather promising listing- a 5 bedroom, 3 bath house built in 2005 and according to the broker babble, already 'completely renovated.' The primary listing photo showed an attractive Cape Cod'ish wooden house with a pocket front porch. Delving into the listing, though, one is confronted by a collection of additional photos that imply, a) the realtor or homeowner that took them is hiding something(s); or, b) the realtor or homeowner has serious issues with their eyesight or cognitive abilities. So, you don't see much of the 2,092 feet of living space, the two master suites or the backyard. List price on the house of poorly photographed mysteries is $230,000.

· 212 Farrington Avenue SE [Estately]