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Even Ansley Park's Best Streets Get the Short Sale Blues

Even if you've never seen the grandeur that is the various directional iterations of Prado in Ansley Park, the name alone should provide some idea as to the kind of homes one can find there. This specimen on South Prado is right out of Ansley Park central casting. Situated on a lovely lot of a 1/2 acre or so and built in 1920, from the pale green shutters to the ceramic roof tile, the house oozes the gentility and class sought by affluent Atlantans in Ansley for a century. But even Ansley is not immune to the ravages of the real estate bust, and this place is being advertised as a potential short sale. There are some clues as to why. While it's got a perfectly adequate 3,264 square feet, 1 each of the total 4 bedrooms and 3 baths is contained within a carriage house. Now we find the idea of being able to offer guests accommodation in their own structure pretty ideal. But we can also understand the perspective that a buyer is ultimately being asked to pay $900,000 for a 3/2 house. And for some, no amount of living space, locational pedigree or out-building options can make that a reasonable proposition. Nonetheless, it's a lovely home. We'd take it.

· 55 South Prado [Zillow]