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Cinco de Mayo; A Sweet Proposal; Harold's Customers Save Restaurant; An Inside Look at Mixology; Zagat Results

CITYWIDE— Cinco de Mayo is this Saturday, and Eater Atlanta has a map of where to find the best— or cheapest— Mexican-inspired drinks in the city.

INMAN PARK— A frequent customer at Jake's in the Irwin Street Market proposed to this girlfriend last Friday by having the store create a new ice cream flavor for her. Get the full scoop here.
SOUTHSIDE— Last Thursday, Harold's Barbecue announced to a devastated public that they would be closing for good on their 65th anniversary this week. Since then, their customers have spent so much money at the restaurant that it has sold out of food six days in a row and will be able to remain open for at least another month.

MIDTOWN— The Lawrence's Eric Simpkins did an interview with Eater about what it's like to be one of the top mixologists in the city, drink trends, and the strangest cocktail request he's ever gotten.

CITYWIDE— The 2012-13 Atlanta Restaurant Survey was released by Zagat this week. Bacchanalia topped lists for most popular and best food. Other standouts: Antico Pizza, Bone's, and Wisteria.