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Send in the Cranes: Midtown's Getting Another New Tower

The Viewpoint condo tower might be getting a little bit of company if Novare’s recently announced plans come to fruition. An application was submitted to the Midtown Development Review Committee by the glass-crazy company for a 24 story residential structure at 6th and Juniper (Viewpoint is 36 stories), with a parking deck proposed for the corner of 7th and Juniper. If you’ll remember, the original renderings released for Viewpoint depicted two similar towers behind the first one as future phases. It turns out that Novare’s design before that only had one additional tower, so they’re really turning back time with this one. Naturally, the 320 unit building will be mixed use with retail on the ground floor, but there’s already been questions raised over whether the parking deck next to it will receive something at street level other than mostly blank walls, á la the Spring Street facade of Novare’s SkyHouse apartments now under construction. Also, when’s Novare going to get around to restoring the empty Neel Reid apartment building behind Starbucks? At any rate, it’s safe to say that Midtown’s well poised to exploit the growing demand for city living, so don’t expect construction to let up anytime soon.

· Novare Looks to Build 23-Story Mixed-Use Project on 6th [Midtown Patch]