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Pros & Cons in Underwood Hills, But A Very Approachable Price

Unless you've got the funds to buy a piece of land in the perfect location and build your dream house, purchasing a home is necessarily going to involve some compromises. Such is the spirit in which we present this petite 3/2 Cape Cod house in Underwood Hills. The structure itself is perfectly nice- by all appearances solid, well-maintained and clean. But don't mistake it for a luxury home. The location is also desirable- Underwood Hills splits the difference between Buckhead and the Westside, and is itself a very solid neighborhood. As the broker babble points out, the house is very close to the Underwood Hills Park and convenient to I-75. But that proximity to 75 has a downside in the road noise that is likely to be present every time you go to enjoy the lovely back deck. All told, the house is 1670 square feet, and list price is $285,000. Weigh the pros and cons against the price...would you bite?

· 1796 Ridgeway Ave NW [Zillow]