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A New Falcons Stadium Will Be Built, Now It Needs Your Support

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If your eyes and mind have already been soiled by reading Falcons President & CEO Rich McKay's AJC op-ed, reading this won't be a complete waste of time; that said, we're quite happy we read Thomas Wheatley's synopsis first. For those just tuning in, here's the deal. Atlanta: you're getting a new stadium for your football team whether you like or not. The campaign to build "public support" is now underway, so you might as well focus on the positive maybes. Maybe Atlanta talent will get a shot at designing the thing. Maybe the new stadium will inspire the team to new heights, and spur Arthur Blank to spend more money on players. The stadium-spurring-economic-development thing is a canard, so we won't speak of it. On to the positive positives: a bunch construction jobs will be created. There will be a shiny new place to watch the Falcons and drink, what, maybe, $16 beers by then? Various websites will feature neat-o image galleries giving gawkers around the world the chance to tour the Dirty Bird's new digs, perhaps inspiring a trip to see the Super Bowl on a television inside the Cheetah. Hopefully there will be an entertaining scandal thrown somewhere in there. Go Falcons!

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