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BeltLine: Bring in the Consultants

As the city begins to get its first taste of what The Atlanta BeltLine is going to look like, the folks that run the enormous project are in the midst of a transformative next step in getting it done. David Pendered over at The Saporta Report has the entire story for you; for those with challenged attention spans, here's the gist. The BeltLine needs a new, highly-detailed plan to be able to move forward with completing the actual BeltLine. A corollary to this new plan will be another plan designed to engage your elected government officials to help get things done. Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. is now accepting proposals from consultants interested in developing and implementing the new plan or working with the government officials. Plan people have just under 2 weeks to get their proposals in, government people have 8 days. Get to work! [Saporta Report]