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Get What You Pay For In This Swanky Ansley Park Rental

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Gaining entry into nice, updated homes in Atlanta's most desirable in-town neighborhoods can be difficult for those not willing to buy. And if one does locate such a house, they can expect to pay dearly. Such is the case with this immaculately renovated and decorated house in Ansley Park. Offered furnished for $3,950 per month, it offers tenants the chance to bring only their suitcases and step into a showcase for some of the finest, latest and greatest in home decor and fixtures (for kitchens and bathrooms in particular)...the broker babble un-apologetically dropping names like Miele, SubZero and Bulthaup. The 3 bed, 2 bath bungalow looks pretty cozy and at 1,520 square feet, it is. Probably not a place meant for more than a couple with the occasional house guest, but it's certainly a lovely place for 3 or 4 people to spend time.

· 60 Montgomery Ferry Drive [Atlanta Fine Homes]