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From the Bad Landlord Files: Possum Invasion

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One of the best things about renting a home is that when there's an issue with your abode, it's your landlord's problem. Right? In theory, sure. But in practice, not always. Take, for instance, the plight of the Dominick family, who rent an apartment in the Highland Lakes Apartments in Norcross. It seems they've had some issues with rodents. More specifically, possums. Now in the world of varmints and pests, the word "invasion" is probably a bit over-used. But in the case of the Dominick's place, there is no other way to describe it...possums have completely invaded their home. We're not sure what's more shocking, the photo of the two baby possums that appeared in their toilet, the fact that they've killed EIGHT possums in their apartment already or the landlord's ham-handed response to the situation. Check out the video and the story and feel lucky this day. [11Alive]