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Cobb Officials Size Up Rail in the Queen City

It could be argued that on the whole, Cobb County is as resistant to public transportation as any place in the metro Atlanta area. Which is somewhat ironic, given that the CID of Cobb's CBD (the Cumberland Community Improvement District) is home to some of Atlanta's most progressive-thinking public figures in matters of transportation, including Tad Leithead, Chairman of the Atlanta Regional Commission. A group including members of the Cumberland CID as well as Cobb County officials just took a rather interestingly timed field trip to Charlotte to look at its lauded light rail system (pictured) and endure some good-natured gloating on the part of Charlotte's Chamber of Commerce in the wake of their win over Atlanta in the Chiquita corporate relocation sweepstakes. As both a practical way to expose officials to public transportation done well in a peer city and a tactic in T-SPLOST supporters' communications strategy, we say bravo. [Marietta Daily Journal]