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Sandy Springs vs. Scientology, Adaptive Re-use in Athens & Some Educational TV

The Roundup from Curbed highlights interesting stories in the Atlanta medias over the past few days.

Sandy Springs- The Church of Scientology's 3-year battle with Sandy Springs over parking and their religious freedom appears to approaching some resolution. [Reporter Newspapers]

Athens- growth at the University of Georgia has moved the university to convert a former U.S. Navy building currently being used as a hotel into a new residence hall and the home of the Georgia Health Sciences University-UGA Medical Partnership and the College of Public Health. [AJC]

On the Tube- a 4-part documentary based in part on Retrofitting Suburbia (cited many times as one of our favorite books) is coming to PBS. The series is hosted by leading public health researcher (and former CDC staffer) Dr. Richard Jackson, who has built an impressive body of work linking the structure of the built environment to health. [ATL Urbanist]