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What Chefs Feed Their Families; A Break-in at Sister Louisa's; The Early Word on The Spence

CHEFS AT HOME— Local chefs like Ford Fry, Art Smith, and Richard Blais share what they eat at home with their families. The Optimist's Adam Evans opts instead to let Eater know what he feeds his dog. Head's up: it might make you jealous.

MIDTOWN—Now that celeb chef Richard Blais's restaurant in Tech Square has been open for a few weeks, reviews are starting to come in. Here's the early word— mostly good news— on The Spence.

OLD FOURTH WARD— Sister Louisa's Church was vandalized last weekend in what the police and the bar are calling a hate crime. The windows and doors were smashed and bottles of liquor from the bar's "altar" were broken, but nothing of value was stolen or damaged.

WESTSIDE— This month's gatekeeper is Frances Quatrano, the manager of Bacchanalia. Sister of the restaurant's chef and owner Anne Quatrano, Frances does everything from making reservations to cleaning the bathrooms. In this feature she talks about the family's farm, her favorite thing on the menu, celebrity sightings, and more.

WESTSIDE/OLD FOURTH WARD— Two restaurants, Bone Lick BBQ and Ammazza will be opening soon, and Eater has the inside scoop on both. Bone Lick, brought to Atlanta by the chefs at P'Cheen, promises going to be "damn fun," and Ammazza, which isn't quite the Antico copycat that people originally thought it would be, has something on the menu called "glitter pizza."