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Ramping Up the Crazy in the T-SPLOST Debate

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With a month a half to go until the vote, the already pitched battle over T-SPLOST is intensifying by the day; still, it did seem a bit early for the beginning of the nuclear options. Nonetheless, a former Cobb County chairman and the Marietta-based current Chairman of the Georgia Tea Party have decided it's time to inject the boogeyman of the United Nations and its Agenda 21 plan into the campaign attacking the Atlanta Regional Commission and attempting to defeat the T-SPLOST referendum. While there are plenty of folks that would probably be perfectly happy to let Cobb build an electric fence around itself and battle the black helicopters alone, the fact that 64% of people that live in Cobb County work somewhere else pretty much dictates that they're going to be stuck being part of the Atlanta region for a good long while.

· ARC:?Helping area or eroding local control? [Marietta Daily Journal]