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A Hip Boutique Hotel for Buckhead?

For those who didn't catch it in last week's Atlanta Business Chronicle, here's the thorough piece on the efforts to bring a boutique hotel to the Buckhead Village. The project is being pursued by now full-time real estate guy Robin Loudermilk (he of the Aaron Rents Loudermilks) and Cannon Equities; the partnership is looking to build a 120-room hotel with a hip flag to a site next to the Buckhead Theater (pictured), both of which the Loudermilk family owns. An additional hotel could be crucial in helping Buckhead realize the coherency and critical mass that has eluded it since, well, ever. With Buckhead Atlanta going up across the street and the extremely successful St. Regis down the block, one of Atlanta's toniest residential areas would seem on the way to getting the commercial district it deserves. [Atlanta Business Chronicle]

Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA