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A Not-So-Classic Bungalow in Midtown Near the Top of the Pricing Spectrum

This contemporary take on a Midtown bungalow is giving us shades of “One of These Things is Not Like the Other.” For one, it certainly stands out on this otherwise standard block of early 20th century homes a block from Piedmont Park, but not necessarily in a way that’s glaring. The design maintains the setbacks, scale, and some of the major lines of its neighbors. Working with an existing house, in this case one from 1925, goes a long way at preserving a sense of neighborhood continuity. Inside, vestiges of the past like the cozy fireplace nook up the charm factor, while the open flow and generous window allotment take things in a contemporary direction. The other distinction at 414 9th Street is the cost: at $799,000 it’s currently the second priciest single family home for sale in the charming ‘hood immediately south of 10th Street, edging out the Henri Jova-designed home on 7th Street that’s been on the market for over a year. What was that real estate adage about buying the least expensive house in the best neighborhood? Never mind that; if it’s within your budget, this place seems worthy of some rule breaking.

· 414 9th Street NE [Keller Williams]