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Cities to Congress: Thanks for Nothing (Part II)

Given the deafening nature of our own little transportation debate, Atlantans could be excused for a lack of awareness about the state of federal funding for transportation infrastructure. But the partisan freak show that sets the agenda for pretty much everything going on in the U.S. Congress is stymying cities across the U.S. in their efforts to upgrade their transportation systems. Whether the House of Representatives' inability to come to an agreement on re-authorization of the Surface Transportation law is merely election year politics or a symbolic battle in an escalating civil war over the automobile versus public transit is of less importance than the potential disaster of continuing with the status quo. Whatever one's political affiliation, if you care about the myriad non-partisan arguments for federal support of local transportation projects (economic growth, jobs, clean air, less traffic, reduced dependence on foreign oil, to name a few), it may be a good time to communicate with your elected representatives. [thisbigcity]