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A Condo Near Lenox With a Strong Value Proposition

The section of the Pine Hills neighborhood near Lenox is rife with condominium and apartment options. But assuming one is looking to stay put for a while, there's a pretty strong case to be made for buying in this 'hood. Exhibit A: this 1,550 square foot, 3 bed, 2 bath top floor end unit in the Walden on Lenox complex. It's a standard issue Atlanta garden development, but there's a stately element to the building's exterior that elevates it beyond, say, a Post apartment complex. And though it would be a stretch to call the unit (built in 1983) luxurious, it has clean, solid bones, and could be polished into a lovely domicile with some minor updates. The true potential of the place is in the price- $164,900. With mortgage rates lingering at historical lows, it's difficult to see getting an apartment with similar space for less, even with HOA fees and property taxes included. As with all condos in Atlanta, re-selling is the question mark...but if you plan on staying put for a while, it may not matter as much.

· 42 Saint Claire Lane NE [Trulia]