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T-SPLOST Advocates Inject Wit, Whimsy Into Media Orgy

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Just when you thought the fierce battle over T-SPLOST being waged in the media could not get any more intense (and depending on your perspective, annoying), the folks at MAVEN aka Transform Metro Atlanta have taken it to a new level. Amid all of the radio advertisements, town hall meetings and endorsements from city luminaries, the business-backed T-SPLOST advocacy group has introduced a spokes-character into the mix in the personage of Mr. Stan Still. Stan is a genial stooge that rejoices in navigating Atlanta's traffic-snarled hellscape, offering tips from his 13-page magnum opus Atlanta Transportation at a Stan Still, including the proper, polite way to cut people off on Atlanta's highways. We loves us some satire and are aware this stuff is aimed at the youngs- which is a good thing because the Tea Party sure as hell isn't going to get it. A link to the video can be found after the jump.

· Mr. Stan Still's Guide to Atlanta Traffic: Part I [YouTube]