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With Midtown Battle Apparently Lost, Atlanta Preservation War Moves to Buckhead

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As the battle to save Midtown's Crum & Forster building from Georgia Tech's progress machine appears lost, Atlanta preservationists and Buckhead leaders alike are redoubling their efforts to save the Randolph-Lucas House on Peachtree from the wrecking ball. As you may recall, the homeowner's association of the 2500 Peachtree condominium tower owns the home designed by historic Atlanta starchitect P. Thornton Marye, but the costs of upkeep are onerous enough that they're seeking to raze it. Citing an engineer's report that contradicts the assocation's own regarding the home's structural integrity and interest from a local company that specializes in re-use of historical properties, Buckhead leaders including Sam Massell are fighting (with strongly worded letters) to save the brick mansion.

· Buckhead leaders condemn plans to demolish Randolph-Lucas House [Reporter Newspapers]