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A Shiny Short Sale Condo in Downtown Decatur

One hears endless chatter about short sales in this dust bowl of a housing market. One also hears they're a nightmare to actually buy, but this condominium unit in Decatur seems like it might be worth a shot. The unit's history (courtesy of Zillow) shows a rough ride down with the housing bust following its original sale for $438,000 in July of 2008. The $339,000 price tag now on it seems fair for 3 beds and 2 baths over 1,462 square feet in Decatur's upscale, well-located Artisan Building. In spite of its positives, the building appears to have struggled (like most of its metro Atlanta condominium brethren over the past few years). Like all short sales, the bank will ultimately determine how low this one will go.

· 201 W Ponce De Leon Avenue, Unit 617 [Common Ground RE | Keller Williams]