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A Grande Dame of a Spread Overlooking Piedmont Park

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Pretend for a minute you are a realtor. You've just begun working with a fairly deep-pocketed client relocating to Atlanta from somewhere far away. They say they are looking for a house in the middle of everything that epitomizes both the ATL and gracious southern living. We'd submit that this house on 10th Street should be the first stop on the tour. Save for the bizarre blizzard of spot lighting in the (otherwise fantastic) kitchen, this grand old house overlooking the Park's Oak Hill is a veritable eruption of genteel charm and grace, with just the right amount of quirk. The renovation of the 1914 structure was done with a deft touch; the addition of modern comforts handled in such a way that preserved the builder's early 20th century version of a fine home. The home's 4 beds, 3 baths and 2 half baths are complimented by ample porches, a 3-car garage, a large lot and just an irreplaceable location. Living right on 10th Street isn't for everyone, but surely someone out there is going to see this house as a no-brainer at $1,199,000.

· 309 10th Street NE [Harry Norman]