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Restaurants that Grow Their Own Produce; Atlanta Food Trucks on the Travel Channel; More

CITYWIDE— Chefs in Atlanta have started growing produce in places easily accessible to them when they most need it—on the premises of their restaurants. Check out this map of restaurant with gardens and farms to find out where to dine when you really want to eat fresh.

CITYWIDE— The Travel Channel was in Atlanta this week filming food trucks for a five-part series that's tentatively titled Mobile Meals. The episode featuring our city will also cover meals on wheels in Chicago, NYC, LA, and Washington. It's set to air this winter.
MORNINGSIDE— You've seen his kitchen and you've eaten in his restaurants, but what do you really know about Kevin Rathbun? Here are five food-related facts everyone should know about the chef.

VIRGINIA HIGHLAND— Genki's owner Reid Zeising chats with Eater Atlanta about the first year of the restaurant's Virginia Highland location. He discusses possible future plans for a food truck, fusion fare, and more in the interview.