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T-SPLOST Will Take The BeltLine On a Lovely, Connective Path Through Buckhead

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As you may know, should T-SPLOST pass next month, cities and counties in the metro region will divide 15% of the funds collected to spend on discretionary transportation projects, with the remaining 85% going to the larger projects selected by the Atlanta Regional Roundtable. It's estimated that the City of Atlanta's "15%" will equate to $94 million, spread over the 10-year life of the one cent sales tax. The City released a draft list of the 77 projects it plans to spend that $94 million on, including a key section of the BeltLine that will connect two of Buckhead's primary commercial corridors via multi-use trail. The BeltLine blog does an excellent job of explaining the path of this spur- which will connect Tanyard Creek Park with the Lindbergh area- so we won't re-hash it. But the possibilities unleashed in linking the Peachtree and Piedmont corridors and various transportation nodes are exciting to say the least.