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Atlanta Should Think About Its Brand

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Atlanta leadership at every level seeking to boost our fair city's prospects would benefit from reading two seemingly unrelated pieces from opposite ends of the media spectrum. First, a thoughtful rumination on the Western city and its branding (and if need be, un-branding) from thisbigcity. In discussing cities like Barcelona and their success in establishing a narrative that attracts tourists and investors (and everything that follows), the author offers a canny assessment on the challenge U.S. and other western cities have in not only fending off emerging markets, but also avoiding the 'disneyfication' that can destroy a carefully constructed image. Then, almost as if on cue, we came across a piece from the Atlanta Business Chronicle's Real Talk real estate blog in which the author bemoans the arbitrary nature of some of the Top 10 lists that Atlanta keeps appearing on (and missing). Sadly, Atlanta's entire identity seems engulfed by the state of its real estate market these days- it's going to take proactive effort and a solid strategy to change the story. [thisbigcity / Atlanta Business Chronicle]