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This is Your Brain on Waffles: A New Addition to the Waffle House Literary Oeuvre

People do some weird things at the Waffle House, at least if you believe the plot of the newest world premier play to hit Inman Park’s Horizon Theatre. But then, with over 1600 locations open 24 hours a day in 25 states you’re bound to come across some crazies. The playwright Larry Larson collected newspaper clippings about the happenings at Waffle House for years and was recently commissioned by the theatre to create a play from them, which he did with his longtime writing partner Eddie Levi Lee. Of course, the play is called The Waffle Palace, so it’s a totally different place (wink). The comedy’s main plot line features a hardworking diner crew that is committed to keeping the grungy landmark open in the face of corporate development (sound like ATL?). With each of the 7 cast members playing multiple roles, there were plenty of bodies for cameos, including taser-happy cops, bacon-loving Texans, and a proctologist. You’ll have to go see the play to figure out how those fit together.

-Laura Lindeman