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Saving One of the Last Peachtree Road Mansions

Local media outlets are trumpeting the story of the battle over one of the last single family mansions left on Peachtree Road in Buckhead. The homeowner's association of 2500 Peachtree Road- the luxury condominium building that towers over the Randolph-Lucas house- wants to tear it down, citing safety issues related to the allegedly crumbling structure. Fans of historical preservation want to save the house, built in 1924 in the midst of well-to-do Atlantans exodus from downtown. In addition to a spot on the National Register, the house has additional pedigree- it was designed by P. Thornton Marye, the architect of Atlanta's Terminal train station, the Yaarab Temple that became the Fox Theater and St. Luke's Church. As ever, the issue will ultimately come down to money- the attorney representing the homeowners association claims that the Randolph-Lucas house needs $1 million in repairs to be made safe. [AJC]