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North Buckhead Broker Babble Breakdown

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Given the mainstream popularity Zillow has gained among house hunters, investors and time wasters everywhere, it can be assumed that most folks have learned to take broker babble with a grain of salt. But doing so only seems to make the more egregious examples of broker bluster all the more absurd. We present this small 4/4 on Stovall Tearrace in North Buckhead as an example. Take a look through the photo gallery. As you can see, it's an old house in every sense of the word, built in the late 1950's. It needs light, but illumination will only more starkly illustrate that it also needs a lot of work- to be made appealing to the buyers' market that is Atlanta at present, anyway. How then does one reconcile the photos with the agent's verbal description, littered with phrases like "Fabulous Mid-century, Modern" and "Built By One Of Buckhead's Best Builders. His Personal Home?" If this is indeed the work of one of Buckhead's best, we'd hate to see the worst. $424,900 is the ask. Is a "Close To One Acre Lot On Culdesac" near Phipps Plaza worth it?

· 4036 Stovall Terrace NE [Zillow]