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High-end Morningside Contemporary Still Brings the Warmth

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Especially in a largely traditional town like Atlanta, one knock against contemporary residential architecture (beyond the aesthetics) is that there is often a sacrificing of function for the sake of form. Not so in this high-end renovation in Morningside; in spite of its modernist facade and the contemporary feel of many of the living spaces, the house and its 3 beds, 3 baths and two half baths offer a good portion of the warmth and privacy one would expect from a more traditional home. The house was originally built on its 1/2 acre lot in 1978, and the broker babble recounts in glorious, name-dropping detail a recent renovation. Beyond the luxe finishes and sumptuous interiors, the current owners have created an outdoor living room on a patio in the back with the aid of a heavy-duty tent. Though this space would be even better were it next to a pool, it could be a nice summer escape with enough fans and citronella candles. List is $995,000.

· 915 Cumberland Road NE [Atlanta Fine Homes | Sotheby's International Realty]