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Modern Atlanta's 'Design is Human' Conclave Brings Art, Beckons Birds to the BeltLine

The week-long festival of architecture, design and general creativity that is Modern Atlanta's annual Design is Human is in full swing. Amid all of the home tours (extending to Athens this year), parties, talks and a pop-up speakeasy at Sound Table (order the negroni), The Atlanta BeltLine is getting a new public art installation as part of the event. A Tensigrity Aviary, the winner of this year's Young Architects Forum 10Up 2012 Design Build Contest is currently on display on The BeltLine in Reynoldstown, offering birds a cantilevered, minimalist place to perch and sing. As stated by the Young Architects, "[t]he goal of this temporary installation is to create a unique spatial experience that complements the Modern Atlanta (MA) 2012 Design is Human event with a large scale design element accessible to hundreds of event patrons and thousands of BeltLine users." Whether you're seeking a unique spatial experience, like birds or are just looking for an excuse to check out the progress on the BeltLine, get there soon...we're told the piece won't be up for long.

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· 10Up 2012 Winning Art Project on the Atlanta BeltLine [Atlanta BeltLine Inc.]