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The 2012 Modern Atlanta Home Tour is Getting Quite Serious About the Architecture

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[A smattering of photographs from homes featured on Modern Atlanta's 2012 Home Tour. Images courtesy of Modern Atlanta.]

With a goal of no less than, "[p]erfecting the look of Atlanta’s contemporary landscape," Modern Atlanta's 'Design is Human' week rages on. For the past several years Modern Atlanta's Home Tour has been a must-do for connoisseurs of contemporary architecture and design, and this year they've taken it to the next level by imprinting the event with some serious architectural credibility. For the first time, homes on this year's tour were selected by a jury of five members of the Atlanta chapter of the American Institute of Architects after a rigorous selection process that included interviews of the homeowners. The result? A group of homes that, among other things, showcases the work of some small local design shops as well as the latest in sustainable building techniques and technology. And fans of Mid-Century modern are in for some vintage treats among the more cutting edge specimens. As shown on this handy Google map, the featured homes are primarily located inside the Perimeter, but in addition to a home in Roswell, this year's collection also includes a couple of homes in Athens. Atlanta may not necessarily be the capital of contemporary architecture in the U.S., but one could be fooled into thinking so this weekend.