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King Plow Loft Might Make a Nice Home, But It's Hard to Tell

Loving King Plow as we do, a listing for one of the live/work lofts in the historic complex on the Westside jumped out at us. But once there, we were again befuddled by a somewhat bizarre set of listing photos. The purpose of listing photos is to market the home by presenting it in its best light, yes? How then does one explain this collection of grainy photos primarily taken of the unit's appliances, furnishings and electronics? We understand that the home is being sold with all of its furnishings, and assume the seller is attempting to demonstrate the inherent value being offered. But to so exhaustively document televisions, keyborads and computer printers while leaving out all graphical representation of the condominium's single bedroom just boggles the mind. Isn't this what listing agents are supposed to help home sellers with? By visiting the Estately listing of the place, we were able to learn that there are 1281 square feet of living space encompassing the 1 bed and 1.5 baths (a photo of the half bath might have been nice). Guess you'll have to visit in person to see if it's worth $209,900.

· 949 West Marietta Street NW [Harry Norman]