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Examining Progress (Both Physical and Virtual) On the BeltLine

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[BeltLine corridor design concept renderings courtesy of Perkins + Will via]

With every passing week the dream of the BeltLine moves a bit more toward reality, both on the ground and on the sketch pads and computer screens of the folks designing it. In addition to the new photograph of the recently poured section of the BeltLine path near Freedom Parkway featured in the gallery above, a new set of graphical renderings was just added to the re-tooled BeltLine website. The drawings (some of which are also featured above) show lead architecture firm Perkins + Will's progress in designing the BeltLine's 'corridor,' integrating the multi-use trails that are already appearing on the Eastside with the light rail that will eventually be added. BeltLine staffers also devoted some time this week to explaining how the passage of T-SPLOST could provide the funds needed to create a western expansion of the Atlanta Streetcar's initial path to connect it with the Centennial Olympic Park area, Georgia Tech, the rest of Midtown and eventually, the BeltLine's western side. Would that it were.

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