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Team Transforming The Gulch Into a Transit Mecca Ready To Show Their Progress

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Lurking below the viaducts that constitute street level downtown near Phillips Arena lies a giant expanse of unused space called The Gulch, a legacy of the days when Atlanta was a hardscrabble settlement at the end of the railroad line known as Terminus.

City and state officials and business leaders hope to return this area to its former transit glory in the form of the MultiModal Passenger Terminal, a bustling hive of interconnecting public transit and development, the interior of which may look something like the image seen here.

Tomorrow night, the public has a chance to see a significantly less-cryptic version of the project, including sketches of potential footprints and how they would interact with the surrounding street scapes. In addition to government officials, representatives from the development team chosen for the project - including Forest City Enterprises, Cousins Properties and The Integral Group- will be on hand.

With all of the T-SPLOST messaging flying about, the potential for transportation infrastructure confusion is a real is your chance to get the information straight from the source.

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