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When Will the Cranes Swing O'er Buckhead Atlanta?

It's now been nine and a half months since The Streets of Buckhead was reintroduced to the city as Buckhead Atlanta by its new owners Oliver McMillan. Atlantans weary of the giant, fallow expanse of dirt, concrete and rusting rebar in the middle of one of the city's most high profile districts were understandably excited to see construction resume on the site, and Oliver McMillan officials spoke of a return to work in April. The site today remains a hole, and BuckheadView has been asking the question on anyone's mind that regularly drives past the site on Peachtree Road: just when is construction going to crank back up? OM declined to supply a date, but apparently pre-construction activities continue and the project remains on track for an opening in the fall of 2013 or early 2014. We'll see. [BuckheadView]

Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA