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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em; Time to Make the Donuts in Morningside?; Your Commute Should Be in Pictures

The Roundup from Curbed highlights interesting stories in the Atlanta medias over the past few days.

The City of Atlanta — do you like to enjoy a refreshing cigarette while playing tennis or swimming laps? Better enjoy your freedom to do so on City of Atlanta property while it lasts- the Atlanta City Council's preparing to vote on a measure that would ban smoking in the City's parks and recreation areas. [WDEF]

Morningside— where fans of Ethiopian food lose, fans of donuts and weak, overrated coffee win: reports say that a Dunkin Donuts will soon occupy the former Burger King restaurant on Piedmont near Rock Springs Road that has been home to Cottage Ethiopian for the past few years. Should be wonderful for traffic on that section of Piedmont in the morning. [VaHi-Druid Hills Patch]

Everywhere— as Creative Loafing prepares to present its recommendation on how you should cast your T-SPLOST vote, they're asking for Atlanta metro-area residents to submit images of their commutes. $10 if someone can get a photo of Downtown Connector traffic taken from a bike, through the window of a MARTA train or bus. [Creative Loafing]