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T-SPLOST: Under the National Spotlight, Pre-Eulogized At Home

The Atlanta area has again found itself the subject of a Sunday New York Times piece, this time highlighting the T-SPLOST vote that is now just two weeks away. Following the lengthy article about the privatization of Sandy Springs a few weeks ago, the balanced summary of the upcoming vote and the situation that precipitated it- awful traffic in one of the country's fastest-growing regions that ranks 49th in per capita transportation spending- provides both context and a look at the complicated matrix of support and opposition that spans constituencies across the ideological spectrum. Meanwhile, Maria Saporta has performed a pre-autopsy on the T-SPLOST referendum that contemplates the bill's defeat as poll data shows the opposition surging in the final weeks of the campaign.

· For Transit Relief, Congested Atlanta Ponders a Penny Tax [NYT]
· To avoid campaign blame game, regional transportation sales tax proponents need another miracle [Saporta Report]