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T-SPLOST Media Orgy Approaches Freak-Out

As we noted yesterday, though the vote is still nearly two weeks away, discouraging poll data on support for the T-SPLOST referendum is already prompting the assignment of blame for its failure. Opposition to the penny tax and the projects it would fund has made for some strange bedfellows, among them the Tea Party, the NAACP and the Sierra Club. But even stranger is the toll the competing communications campaigns, poll data and general coverage seems to be having on the medias and various stakeholders. Following the pre-eulogy of T-SPLOST by the Atlanta reporter with arguably the best access to the city's corridors of power, Mayor Kasim Reed's senior policy advisor for transportation fired back in a letter that the Saporta Report has published in its entirety. We're not quite sure what it means that today's hyper-speed media machine refuses to be slowed down by the time it takes for events to actually occur, but it seems everyone could benefit from a few deep breaths right about now. [Saporta Report]