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T-SPLOST Ad Wizards Should Have Crowdsourced the Satire

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[FakeMARTA's series of graphics weighing in on the T-SPLOST issue. Images courtesy of FakeMARTA.]

Though the vote is still a couple of weeks away and Mayor Kasim Reed is just getting started with his 4th quarter push to get voters behind T-SPLOST, as we noted yetserday, the looks backward at how the referendum campaign was waged have begun in earnest. More than a few folks have been befuddled with the general strategy and some of the ads run by MAVEN, the big-business backed T-SPLOST advocacy group; their attempts at satire were particularly inscrutable. Turns out they could have saved their money, because FakeMARTA has swooped in with some of the most effective communications we've seen join the media orgy yet. Who is FakeMARTA you ask? At this point, a Tumblr page and a Twitter handle. Would this qualify as a paradigm shift?