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Decatur's Government Works (And Apparently Likes Beer)

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Though news of food and beverage is usually the province of our sister site Eater, when city governments get involved in bringing things that the people want to neighborhoods, we're on the case. It was announced a couple of weeks ago that the Decatur craft brewing operation Three Taverns Brewery had secured funding to build a full-scale brewery. Well, when the entrepreneurs behind Three Taverns went to the City of Decatur to secure a license for the new facility, it was discovered that the city didn't have a category that applied. In many other places this would be a problem that would take many months to fix (example: the food truck issue in the City of Atlanta). But not in Decatur, where good beer is taken as seriously as the city's strategic plan, which calls for supporting locally-owned, independent businesses. Hearings to amend applicable city ordinances and zoning codes will begin tonight. [Decatur Metro]