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Boston to Chick Fil A: No Thanks

The intersection of religion and politics often gets messy; as Dan Cathy is learning, throw business into the mix and it gets even sloppier. As anyone even proximate to the grid this week knows, the Chick Fil A honcho upped the ante in his and the company's opposition to same sex marriage rights. While it's been known for months that Chick Fil A has been providing financial support to organizations fighting against gay marriage, Cathy recently gave an interview confirming his stance. The predictable firestorm (and parodies of the omnipresent cow ads) have descended upon the Atlanta-based purveyor the best fried chicken sandwich in fast food; today the Mayor of Boston vowed to prevent the people of from enjoying all of it: Chick Fil A sandwiches, waffle fries and sweet tea. What's not clear is if the company really cares; for all of the people offended by Chick Fil A's discriminatory position, we'd bet it mirrors the beliefs of a fair number of the chain's biggest fans. [AJC]