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The 'Burbs Are Becoming Strikingly Diverse All Over the U.S.

One need only take a drive down Atlanta's famed ethnic food corridor on Buford Highway, or take a trip out to Satellite Boulevard in Gwinnett County and read the signs- lily-white enclaves they are not. And the increasing diversity of the Atlanta suburbs are just a tiny piece of an enormous national trend. Employing some fascinating infographics that consider reams of historical and demographic data, the folks over at The Atlantic Cities tell an interesting story of the rapidly changing composition of America's suburbs. And while diversity in the suburbs can be viewed merely as a mirror of larger demographic shifts, there are some profound challenges and stark political realities (and opportunities) involved in the colorization of sprawl. Understanding the complexities of the situation is crucial to the success of governments, businesses and politicians at every level.

· How the Suburbs Gave Birth to America's Most Diverse Neighborhoods [The Atlantic Cities]